What would you do if you were not afraid?


What would you do if you were not afraid? What would you do this moment if your fear did not stop you? I think it is extremely important to ask this question from time to time. The first things that have come to my mind in this moment in response to this question, in the actual implementation, in real life, would have change my life from the foundation. So who would not be afraid of that?

Here is an example. Remember yourself after you finish high school. When you had to make a decision about the college, you are going to study. What did you really want? Does the choice make then make you happy today? Would you choose different today? Would you choose that sincere first option that you hardly mentioned accurately because you were afraid of condemnation? Because you were afraid, that it might be too difficult for your abilities.

Are you afraid of the reactions and thoughts of your parents as comments on your seemingly odd choice? Were you afraid of arguing with them or even their rejection and prohibition of your choice? Many of the people I know have told me in the conversation that they really wanted to enroll in something completely different from the collage they ended up in. Most people at the moment choose a college they like and which meets the criteria of their parents. And they’re good at that college, more or less. And you got a diploma in the end. For your whole life. But they did not choose their real first option. And they remember that often. I think that is a serious thing. Because if you have chosen something else, who knows what you would be like today. What if you were luckier in that second life? And what then?!

I had to drink a little Coca Cola to come to myself from this psychoanalysis. I panicked for a moment. Nevertheless, let us go further. We have finished stupid college. We do not work in our profession or we work in our profession, but we really do not want to be of that profession. On the other hand, we want to work in our profession, but that does not go as we planned. Our job is a huge part of our lives. It takes up a lot of our time. Takes up most of our time. Should not we then do something that makes us joyful? Maybe do something in private where there will be no boss hanging around our neck? You choose your associates and employees. You create an atmosphere, to your degree. But going into a private business means just one – fear. This big step carries a big financial risk, as well as numerous other risks. In people, this idea always provokes fear. Fear of failure. From the complete crack and broke. Imagine not doing your current job but doing something, you really love doing. And that you can live decently. Would not that be pure happiness? What if we fear forever to remain in the workplace a place that does not fully meet us? What is the worst thing to do if you go to something new? In some business adventure…

However, I think the biggest sh*t happens because of fear in love field. Nobody likes to wonder if the person with whom we share a bed with is the right one for us. I do not want to enter into the complexity of love relations because today there are faculties that deal with this and I have not studied that. But I think the fear of the broken heart, for example, has influenced many decisions made about love during our lives. Fear of rejection. Fear of sorrow. Fear of loneliness? Fear of Mutual Emotional Sincerity? There are fears to count on … Absolutely every one of us has escaped from love once in our life solely because of fear. Not relevant when. It certainly happened. How would our life go if we went in the other direction? Would this lead us to a completely different person? What if that person was ideal for us? These are not pleasant questions to ask ourselves.

But this is not just about decisive life choices here. Fear affects our many every day, seemingly banal, decisions. What if our fear prevents us from living?

If you thought I would give you some inspiring suggestion, advice or solution at the end of the text, I must disappoint you. Again. I just wondered if others ask such things. Or is it just me…

P.S. However, once I had a T-shirt that read: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” I was a little girl. I thought this super quote was the meaning of X-nation. It is a good quote. It should be more commonly used in practice.


What would you do if you were not afraid_


42 thoughts on “What would you do if you were not afraid?”

  1. This is a really thought provoking post. I never had issues with my parents making my educational choices, I’m lucky that they let me follow my own path. But I know there are people who’s parents have made them do a degree or whatever whether or not the person wants to do it. It’s a difficult situation. I was so scared of falling in love but I’m in it now and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. Sometimes you just have to let fear go and chase love and dreams. It’s not easy but I guess this post shows that you can’t let fear get in the way!
    Great post,
    Luce xo | lucyrambles.com


  2. Wow! What a brilliant post and what a thought provoking question. I took time out from studying before I choice my degree topic so I’m glad I had thinking time. It’s such a tough decision. I really love the quote: There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Excellent post, thank you for the inspiration Marta 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  3. That question is actually making me dizzy because I’m under the impression that if fear wasn’t a factor, my life would be completely different. I don’t know in what ways, but I can feel it would a “parallel universe” kind of difference.
    Sad thing is, the older I get, the more afraid I am of everything and its consequences.

    Kate // https://katedaysaweek.be


    1. That is the point of the post, to make you question how would you live your life if fear was not involved. Would you do things you wouldn’t normaly do? I was always a daredevil when it involved rolercosters and bungie jumping, and untill I was about 24 a daredevil when it came to my life, but after the age of 24 when it came to things that were important I always asked my self “what would others say” untill I came to live and work in Ireland, then I said f**k it you live only once. Somehow I forgot who I was when I was younger and finaly remebered when I arrived to Ireland. Now I feel great. I let go of the fear.


  4. I loved reading this post it’s definitely got me thinking of how my life would be different if I wasn’t afraid of anything! When I first read the title I thought ‘I’d be able to ride all the rollercoasters in Disneyland if I wasn’t afraid’ but this was about something much more meaningful than that. Great post!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  5.     I think there are many kinds of fear. Some are justified for self-preservation. If there is a lion running towards you then fear is a good thing and it’s best to run away. Other choices are more ambiguous. If there’s an ongoing war and you’re afraid that you’ll be drafted, should you apply for a college deferment? If you are killed in battle, you’ll die an honorable death. If you go to college and fail you’ll be humiliated. Sometimes there are all bad choices.
        Fears about actual physical death are reasonable fears. The feeling is a self-preservation mechanism designed by the subconscious to protect the person from annihilation. But there are also irrational fears. The feeling is the same, but no actual death is likely. However, public humiliation and shame seem like a form of death. If someone’s self-esteem is dead, they are dead to the world. If they have not developed any skills or talents, then they are dead to the world.
        The death of the self takes many forms. Each will have had its own precursor fear attached. It is a warning. Sometimes there’s time to think about it and sometimes not. Some people are saved my timely appropriate advice so they can make good choices. If there’s not enough information to know what choice to make then it a fearful world. So, I suppose that in ignorance there is intense fear and one doesn’t know if there is a lion around the corner or a lamb.
    In answer to the question — If I weren’t afraid, I’d be dead. But because I’m afraid, I’m dead. Fear is like eating: it’s necessary for survival, but doesn’t always taste good. Some people like the thrill of a roller-coaster ride, because they like the safe-fear. They can have the fear and eat their cake afterwards.


    1. Ooops, I made a typo mistake. I was afraid of that: I meant “by”. “Some people are saved by timely appropriate advice…” I knew there was a reason why I was afraid to post a comment… I’m terrible at not noticing spelling and other errors.


    2. As a person who survived a war and had her father almost taken away from her by it I will tell you that the feeling of fear is different in situations. In a situation of war when you have bombs and bullets flying around there is no other feeling but fear, every other emotion is taking away from you by a sound of a bomb dropping in your back yard. And for a five year old child who has experience fear in that form every other feeling of fear is nowhere near. I get your point and respect it, but people nowdays are afraid to be them selfs, because it is easier to belnd in then to live like you want to.


  6. Really interesting post and thought provoking title too! I’ve had a real crap time with my “career” options etc. I had so many dreams and it just didn’t pan out and now I have anxiety I can’t go back to what I wanted to do. It’s something I often think about, if I’d have just changed one thing, everything would be different xxx


    1. I am sorry it did not work out as you planned, but you tryed. And even if you changed something maybe it would go the same. I know how it is when something dosen’t go as you wish or planned, but from all of that something new come out, most of the times something better. I may not know you that long, but from what I read from your blog I can tell that you are an amazing person who will and has made difference in her own life as in others lifes. So keep on keeping on.


  7. What a beautifully written post! I do sometimes let fear take over me but I do overcome it. Life is not perfect and fear itself is one of the major stressors in our lives. It’s good to fear something because it means you’re afraid to lose something.


  8. I am always afraid (joys of anxiety) but I love that we can take a leap of faith and find out that we were just afraid of something so minor all along. My mom always tells me that the worst thing that can happen is someone or something says “no” to whatever I’m proposing. It helps me overcome that fear of going after something I want.


  9. Oh wow! This is such an inspiring post. Sometimes fear gets over me and eats me up but once we go out of our comfort zone and fight those fears, something beautiful than what we expect is always bound to happen.


    1. That is sad. I realy hope that today you are doing something you like. But it is never to late to finish what you wanted to study. My mom who is 57 got back to collage last year to finish what she wanted when she was 19. My hubby who is almost 40 is graduating next year from a school he wanted to finish when he was a teen. So follow your dreams and never let anybody tell you that they are wrong.


  10. This is a wonderful post! I am always afraid of what my parents say, even I am an adult because I made choices that are not the norm. I live half the world away from them and live in a country that doesn’t fit their views. But, I enjoy it here as it taught me to love the little things.


  11. I actually think about this a lot, and wonder how different my life would be if I wasn’t afraid of so many things – from just interacting with others to bigger things, like travelling. It’s frustrating because I don’t know how to break the cycle, this is all I know, but I hope one day, to push past the fear and find what waits on the other side.

    Beautiful, insightful and thought provoking post!


  12. Such a great post. I often think about the things I would do if I wasn’t so anxious and afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. When I was younger I probably would have chose my friends more wisely, probably wouldn’t have gone to uni and would have gone to work but, I was afraid to leave education and had no idea what career path I wanted to follow. Turns out it doesn’t matter anyway because my degree is now totally unrelated to my job. I probably would have made different decisions with my love life too.

    Kate | cakeandcoast.com


    1. We all offen think how would our life be if we made other choices. I would have published my book sooner if I did not think “what would other people say” “what if they do not like it”. I have to thank my hubby who said “F**k everything, I love your book. Go and publish it. My opinion is only one that matters anyway.”

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I am the kind of person who always overthinks things, and being scared is always something I am feeling. This post reminds me that I can do things that scare me, and the outcomes may be good or bad but they’ll still benefit me in some way.


  14. such an incredible post, the first questioned you asked about deciding with to study in college really struck me. I went for marketing and now that i’m a graduate, the thought of sitting in an office for marketing sends me into a panic attack. I wish i had gone for what I really wanted. maybe then my family wouldn’t make me feel as though I wasted their money by going to school. being afraid has had such a hold over me personally my entire life. it’s to think of what my life would be if i wasn’t afraid of everything. xx

    mich // simplymich.com


    1. That is not very nice of your family. No money is waisted on education, even if you did not want to study that or work in that field it will benefit you in some way. Lets say that you open your own company someday, the fact that you finished Marketing will be your plus because you will know how to promote your company in the best posible way. You will know how to research the market before you make any big decision.


  15. These are valuable questions to ask ourselves. We need to take a step back and reflect on ourselves and evaluate whether the direction we’re going would lead us to where we want to be in the future. I know I’m always worried about being rejected of my choice. At the end of the day, I’m a big believer in your life, your way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  16. I think so much of my life would be different! Even the smaller things, like how long it took me to start my blog. My brain currently has a million different situations running through it right now, this was so thought provoking! It’s crazy thinking about how decisions years ago made out of fear could have changed your path. Excellent post x



  17. Fear is so complex. It’s another one of those things we have to be able to survive, but for many of us it’s just too overpowered at points. Thanks for sharing !

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